Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Absent Voices vs Dutch Gable House

Meredith Lawder by Alastair Cook

If you made it along to the Absent Voices pop up exhibition at The Beacon last Friday, you would have been lucky enough to see some of the progress made so far by the artists and community volunteers in documenting the social history around the Sugar Sheds. We were especially taken with Whinhill Primary and Yvonne Lyon's new Greenock folksong classic The Swanky Docker.

As part of Absent Voices, we are really pleased that photographer Alastair Cook will be running a short residency in The Dutch Gable House. Alastair will be working throughout the summer demonstrating and working with an antique photographic process called wet plate collodion, dating from 1851. An entirely chemical process, many of Greenock's great and good have been historically captured using the process, and hopefully we'll be showing a few of those photos as well. So come and meet Alastair, talk about Greenock's history, then become part of it. If you are interested in getting involved contact

You can see more examples of Alastair's work in photography and film on his blog and facebook page
Alastair has also offered to dress up in a traditional Victorian Photographer cape and top hat during the project just to make it all even more authentic. But we probably won't make him do that. We'll see.

And if photography isn't your thing, there's plenty other ways you may wish to get involved. A range of other workshops are taking place across Inverclyde, including introduction to stained glass and glass painting. These 6 two hour classes will introduce participants to basic stained glass techniques such as glass cutting, pattern making, leading and glass painting - each participant will design and fabricate a design of their own choice. There's also an introduction to glass casting and a series of urban sketching classes and drawing trips. All overseen by local treasure Alec Galloway. If you are interested in any of these workshops, email for further information.

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