Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Identity @ The Dutch Gable House

Dutch Gable House...getting ready...

Our Identity project, supported by Heritage Lottery over the last 2 years, has come to its natural end, though Inverclyde Community Development Trust intend to continue to work on other cultural and heritage programmes through The Dutch Gable House - and all the material from Identity will still be available at the Gable and online.

All our books and leaflets can be freely downloaded from our Scribd Bookshelf

Our films are on our Youtube channel

And our archive continues to grow online

Tabs for all of those pages, will remain at the top of the blog.

You'll find a few changes to the blog over the next few weeks - we're keeping the Identity name, as we still feel it sums up what we do rather nicely, but the focus of the blog will become all the projects of The Dutch Gable House, which will hopefully be opening permanently from September 2013. These include our new heritage programme researching the Gable itself, our anti sectarian project Gies Peace, Magic Torch storytellers, the Tea Leaf Book Group, locally handcrafted wooden gifts at Newark Products, vintage fairs and much more

Our Identity facebook page will be shutting down, so we'd recommend liking our Dutch Gable House page or following us on twitter. Or both!

Thanks very much for all your ideas and help over the last two years, and we hope we'll see you at The Dutch Gable House as an exciting new project for the area takes shape...

Meantime if you have any questions, you can contact us at