Monday, 24 September 2012

Graphic Novel - Zarjaz

Photo courtesy of Robert Burns Photography
Thanks to Grahame Gallacher at the Greenock Telegraph, the Archivist's Treasure Graphic Novel got an unexpected boost this week...a thumbs up from John Wagner, the 2000AD writer and creator of classic comic strip Judge Dredd!

Grahame was interviewing the comic writer about his teenage years in Greenock and the release of the new Judge Dredd film, and decided to take a copy of our graphic novel along on the day to pass to the comic industry legend.

In a piece in Saturday's telegraph, Mr Wagner described the book as "a wonderful piece of work...exactly what the comic strip medium should be used for."

We are so pleased that the hard work of everyone involved in the Identity project has been recognised in this way that we aren't even going to pretend to be cool about it.

The Archivist's Treasure can still be picked up from 7 1/2 John Wood Street in Port Glasgow, and The Dutch Gable House in Greenock. It can also be read online at graphicly, or downloaded via amazon and ibooks.

Now to get working on a strip where Judge Dredd wanders into the archive...

Photo courtesy of Robert Burns Photography

*zarjaz is 2000AD slang for fantastic

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