Thursday, 7 June 2012

National Qualifications

In September 2011, the Trust offered a group of pupils from St. Stephens High School the opportunity to achieve a National qualification in Film and Media. As part of the course pupils were required to attend James Watt College for a period of time in order to learn the basics of Electronic News Gathering in conjunction with the technical aspects of film making.

Interview skills were also taught to the pupils as they would be required to interview members of the community on their family history, and where they came from. Once this training was completed the pupils spent sixteen weeks out in the community visiting primary schools in order to use their newly obtained skills to record historical stories which would then be transcribed and saved on to a community archive so that future generations can obtain a picture of what the region was like many years ago.

While this was going on the Trust also offered a group of pupils from St Columba’s High school the uppertunity to achieve a National Qualification in Creative Writing. They attended a series of workshops facilitated by industry professional Dan McCahon, who for sixteen weeks tutored them in the art of scriptwriting with the end goal being a completed drama showing the roots of Inverclyde, and how all the different groups of people who make up Inverclyde arrived here, and how they lived or struggled to survive.

Once the script was completed it was then passed to a troupe of actors to be transformed in to a live community performance which would result in those participating obtaining a National Qualification in Drama.

To aid with the Drama, the Trust also offered a National Qualification in Animation, which would see students working towards the creation of animated backdrops for the final community performance. 

So keep your eyes peeled for further announcements regarding “IDENTITY: THE DRAMA”
What we can tell you is that it will launch on June 28, 2012, and promises to take you on a fantastic journey in to Inverclydes rich history.

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