Thursday, 31 May 2012

Cuttin' About - Part One

Arriving at work at 9am on Tuesday May 15, a few members of the Identity team were preparing for something of an adventure. Our pens, paper and computers had been replaced by waterproofs, rucksacks and hiking boots as we left the warm comfy office in favour of the great outdoors. Our destination, the Kelly Cut.

Arriving at Kellybank cottage around 9.30am the team, accompanied by one of the volunteers, set off on foot for what would turn out to be a hike in excess of six miles. I bet you’re wondering how we managed to rope someone to voluntarily come on this hike? Well, part of the Identity project involves working with a group of volunteers, all of whom have a specific area of interest when it comes to local history. The one particular volunteer who had accompanied us on our hike has something of an interest in the history of the town’s water supply, and the use of the numerous dams which gave Greenock, and the surrounding area, a fresh water supply. As our volunteer has been researching the subject independently for over ten years, having him accompany us and show the team the points of interest seemed the logical thing to do.

Little did we know that for the next few hours we would be climbing hills, jumping over puddles, wading over marsh land and encountering the local wildlife. However looking back on the journey, the sore feet, soggy socks and windswept hair were a small price to pay in return for the spectacular views on the area we encountered at we perched on the walls of the Crawhin dam. The walk to the Crawhin damn was not an easy one, in order to access it we had to come off the designated footpath, and wade our way through a marshy field, trying our best not to fall down any of the bumps in the landscape as the roaming sheep looked on curiously. It's safe to say that once we reached our final destination of Cornalees Visitors Centre everyone welcomed the opportunity to sit, and relax before heading back to the office.

But this was only hike one, of a three part expedition. Our tour guide has pointed out another two dams that he believes are of even greater significance to our project. So keep your eyes open for another update from our next hike. Until then please enjoy this short video taken with our handycam.

Please excuse the delay between the hike and the time of posting… I’ve only just recovered!

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