Monday, 23 April 2012

The Volunteer Group: Progress Report

Last Wednesdays meeting with our volunteer group was a highly successful one. A great deal of progress has been made on the genealogy front with many of them tracing their roots back to mid 1800s, and a few have been able to go even further back. While doing this we have uncovered numerous stories about their families, one volunteer's story tells us of his fathers passage from America, while another tells us of a family member who was captain of a which unfortunately sunk. The important thing however is that our volunteers are becoming increasingly more confident in researching their past, and exploring it in a broader context in relation to what else was going on in Inverclyde at the time.

This project we are working  on benefits greatly from the use of physical evidence, be that in the form of old photographs, films, passports and various other documents, in fact, anything they can get their hands on which they feel is useful. We strongly encourage our volunteers to search their homes, wardrobes, attics and basements, anywhere at all in hope that they may find something useful.

This is where we make our plea to the good people of Inverclyde. Do you have anything historical in your home? Do you have an old photograph that you are unable to identify, or that you would like to share with us? Are there dusty old boxes tucked away in the catacombs of your house that you have not explored for YEARS? Then why not dig them out and have a look. You never know, you may find a hidden gem amongst them.

Although slightly more recent than the type of thing we normally search for, one of our volunteers stumbled across these pictures lying in her house. We do not have a date for them (although going by the clothes we have to assume that it’s sometime in the 1990s) do you know when the raft race took place? Were you in it? Or were you a spectator? Then contact us HERE

Do you have something lying around your house that you feel would be of use to us, or that you would like to find out more about? Then why not come in and see us:

Kay Clark - Project Manager
7 1/2 John Wood st
Port Glasgow
PA14 5HU
Telephone: 01475 806774
01475 806760

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