Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Graphic Novel: It's Almost There!

Yesterday the team in charge of the graphic novel met to discuss the current state of the project. It came as no great surprise to everyone that the overall quality of the completed pages was extremely high. However, what did surprise the team was just how close to completion the project was.

The team spent the best part of the day deciding upon a layout for the completed book (below are some pictures highlighting the scale of the project) and it was agreed that the project will soon be finalised, and sent off to the printers. 

 Yet, one thing which was overlooked by the team up until this point was the final title of the novel. This is where you come in. We have narrowed down to two options, and would like the final decision to be made by you, the people who will soon be reading it. 

So please, vote in our poll (located on the sidebar opposite the post) and help us decide on the name for our highly anticipated graphic novel.

What should be the title of our Graphic Novel?

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