Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Going Dutch

It's not as grand as the Custom House, or as vast as the Sugar Sheds, but the Dutch Gable House at 14 William Street, Greenock is one of the oldest buildings in the town, and in very good repair for it's age. It was built in 1755, just 10 years after the Jacobite rebellion. To the rear of the building, is the oldest surviving house in Greenock, built in 1751 and between them both, the same close quartered, cobbled street you would have walked down hundreds of years ago.

Inverclyde Community Development Trust took ownership of the Dutch Gable this morning and we are absolutely delighted that over the next few months, some parts of the Identity project will be able to be delivered from this iconic local building.

We have loads of plans for the Gable, it presents so many opportunities, and without a doubt, using the space to continue to promote and celebrate local heritage is right at the top of the list. It's a real long term project for us, but we also want to get a few things happening in part of the building over the summer.

We'll be telling the story of the Gable and hopefully some of the people who have passed through it on the blog over the next few months, and sharing some more of our plans as it all starts coming together.

Check us out on facebook, or if you prefer @dutchgable on twitter. Or both!

We look forward to being able to welcome some of you in soon.

Rear of Dutch Gable, with view of oldest house in the town
(and some wee eggs in the hanging basket)

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