Friday, 20 April 2012

Celebrating the Comet - Part Eight

In 1912 it was decided that celebrations would be held throughout the country to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the launch oh Henry Bells prestigious ship. In excess of twenty-eight port towns throughout Scotland were asked to commemorate this historic event by displaying flags and bunting throughout their harbours and town centres. Some towns, including Greenock and Port Glasgow (where the hull of the ship was built) were asked to do a bit more to mark the occasion:

                “Recommend that Saturday, 31st curt., be observed as a public holiday; that flags, bunting, etc., be displayed in public buildings; the shipping in the harbour, and the ship building yards; the running of specially decorated tram cars; illuminations, and decorations in the town; parade of Royal Naval volunteers; and display of fireworks.”

Port Glasgow
                “A general holiday is to be observed.
Flags, bunting, etc., are to be displayed upon public buildings and shipping.
The procession of Trades and Societies is to take place.
The Greenock and Port-Glasgow Tramways Company are to run illuminated car designed as a model of the Comet.
An appeal is to be made for funds to found a John Wood Scholarship.
The yard at Port-Glasgow where the Comet was built is to be specially decorated for the occasion by Messrs. Robert Duncan & Co.”

The Procession of Trades and Societies in 1912

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