Friday, 23 March 2012

Celebrating the Comet - Part Four

The P.S Comet was launched 24 July 1812 and became the first commercially run steamship in Europe. It sailed for Helensburgh the same day.

The vessel was officially christened in August 1812 and advertisements for its services were published in local papers.

Below is an example of one such advertisement from the Glasgow papers August 5 1812.


Between Glasgow, Greenock, and Helensburgh.

For Passengers Only

The subscriber having, at much expense, fitted up a handsome vessel to ply upon the river Clyde, from Glasgow, to sail by the power of air, wind, and steam. He intends that the vessel shall leave the Broomielaw on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, about midday, or such an hour thereafter as may answer from the state of the tide; and to leave Greenock on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, in the morning, to suit the tide.

The elegance, safety, comfort, and speed of this vessel requires only to be seen to meet the approbation of the public, and the proprietor is determined to do every thing in his power to merit general support.

The terms are for the present fixed at 4s. for the best cabin, and 3s. for the second; but beyond these rates nothing is to be allowed to servants, or any person employed about the vessel.

The subscriber continues his establishment at Helensburgh Baths, the same as for years passed; and vessel will be in readiness to convey passengers by the Comet, from Greenock to Helensburgh.

Passengers by the Comet will receive information of the hours of sailing, by applying at Mr. Houston’s office, Broomielaw; or Mr. Thomas Blackney’s, East Quay Head, Greenock.

Helensburgh Baths,                        5th Aug. 1812.

                                                                HENRY BELL

Join us next week when we will be delving further in to the rich history of the P.S Comet.

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