Thursday, 13 October 2011

St Stephen's - Graphic Novel Page

It's been full steam ahead on our Graphic Novel, here's a wee preview of St Stephen's take on an episode from Newark Castle's dark past. Don't get on the wrong side of Sir Patrick Maxwell.

Right now we're also getting ready for our traditional Halloween celebrations, with pupils from Lady Alice Primary School and Highlanders Academy. We'll be sharing some traditional halloween recipes with you all next week.

The party is going to take place in one of Greenock's most important historic buildings, The Custom House; our local Urban Regeneration Company, Riverside Inverclyde, have very kindly agreed to let us host the party there. And of course, as we all know, The Custom House is home to quite a few uneasy who knows what could happen.

And to help you enjoy your own traditional Greenock Halloween, here's a wee copy of The Galoshans Play.

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