Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Get Involved - Volunteer Session 22 September

Since Identity was first announced back in May, we have had loads of folk come forward to offer their skills to help on the project...some have already started helping us.

Over the last few weeks, our focus has been on getting the schools programme up and running...which it is...and going like a wee train. We'll share some of that with you later in the week. What we want to do now is give all our potential volunteers the chance to find out more about the programme and let us know when / how they would like to be involved.

So we've invited anyone who has expressed an interest in the project to come along to an information day tomorrow at 7 1/2 John Wood Street, 10 - 12.

But maybe you didnt get the memo...maybe you think the project sounds really cool and meant to ring for more info a few weeks ago, but never found the time. No problem! Pop along tomorrow and we'll have a chat. It's never too late to get involved. The project has a whole lot of things to do, we need volunteers.

What would you like to do? There’s opportunities around research / archiving, media production, performance, writing and event management (though not all at once!) and some of these will have training elements delivered through James Watt College.

If you can't make it tomorrow, you can ring anytime on 01475 806760, or contact our Project Manager Kay Clark by email on

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