Friday, 10 June 2011

Every Journey...

"There is no life that does not contribute to history." Dorothy West
There are centuries of history in Inverclyde, history to be proud of. But too often, history is facts and figures and dates. Our ambitious new project, Identity, is about people. Specifically, it's about the migrant communities who either passed through our towns on their way to the new world, or who settled here to make our community what it is today. From exiled Highlanders to German and Irish migrant workers through to the Italian community and the migrant communities of today, we'll be exploring and recording our shared heritage. 

Identity is developed and managed by Inverclyde Community Development Trust and supported by Heritage Lottery Fund Scotland.

Over the next 18 months the project will work across the Inverclyde community collecting and recording stories, songs, traditions and family histories, creating a new local archive. The material collected will be used to produce a whole range of media and events to help tell the story of the Inverclyde community and our heritage.

Identity will also create employment, volunteering and learning opportunities.

The project launches in mid-June with a series of "cultural evenings", which we'll give you more info on soon. Over the next 18 months you will see...
  • Creation of a new local archive
  • Highland Halloween Event involving local schools 
  • Winter Traditions Event involving local schools
  • Drama produced to help celebrate Comet bicentennial in 2012
  • 5000 graphic novels produced and distributed
  • 2 Outdoor drama performances
  • 1000 project books produced and distributed
  • 160 pupils attaining ASDAN qualifications
  • 120 people accessing SQA modules
  • 24 local people employed
  • Every local school involved
And as many people on board as possible. To get involved call 01475 806760

You can also find us on facebook

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